Get Involved



Thanks for your interest in volunteering with our farm!  Volunteers have been an integral part of the farm team since it started back in 2014, any action you take will help us improve the farm and get people fresh organic produce all over the island


We also take wwoofer!  Wwoofing is type of work exchange in which individuals come live on the farm for a minimum of three months and work in exchange for a place to live and a chance to learn and experience life on the farm!  Contact one of the farm managers to get more information



Help make us as sustainable as we can be!

If you're looking to get involved and don't want to get your hands dirty 


If you're located on island come find us here... if you're not on island look for our fundraising campaign coming soon.


Currently we're working on going completely green.  To do this we're trying to phase out the plastic bags that we typically use to deliver our produce and instead use plastic containers that can be reused and fit all the food we need to deliver,.  Unfortunately the containers are not cheap and we're hoping you all will help us!  We're taking donations at the farmers market or online, if you make a donation at the kukuiula farmers market we'll throw in an reusable tote bag!