WWOOFing at Rising Sun Organic Farm

We welcome wwoofers of all backgrounds and farm experience levels to apply to join us for a minimum of 3 months to live in our community and work with us for a minimum of 20 hours per week with the land. Please find more information about our expectations and a typical day in the life below. To apply, sign-up and create a profile on the wwoof website. Find our profile and send us a message here

Typical Schedule

Monday - Farming from 6 - 11am

Tuesday - Either a free day to explore the island or you can choose to work your extra 5 hours.

Wednesday - Farming from 6 - 11am

Thursday - Either a free day to explore the island or you can choose to work your extra 5 hours.

Friday - Farming from 6 - 11am

Saturday and Sunday - Go on a weekend trip to Koke’e/Polihale with the farmily unless you haven’t finished your extra hours!


Wwoofers will be provided a rustic camping experience on a designated 2 acre parcel of land where all wwoofers stay. You must provide your own tent. The land has running water, 3 toilets connected to septic, and an outdoor private shower with hot water. We also have a community kitchen with propane stoves, a refrigerator, and solar power for all of your charging needs.

You will be able to pick and eat from the gardens. You may also respectfully pick fruit from the orchards within our guidelines.

There is no on-site washing machine, so our wwoofers will typically go to town together to use a laundromat or just hand-wash at the farm.

We do not allow children or pets to stay on the farm though we do love both! If family or friends are visiting, they are always welcome to come to the farm and check it out. We appreciate if you let us know in advance.


If you have a car or decide to get one while you are here, there is ample parking space. Some wwoofers also opt to purchase a bike while here.

The “Moloa’a Fruit Stand” bus stop is less than a 15 minute walk from the farm. The bus leaves every hour. Since there is only one main road, it is very easy to get around the island. The bus fare is $2.00.

The only airport on Kauai is Lihue airport. When you arrive, you can either take the bus that will bring you right to the fruit stand near our farm, or we can arrange to pick you up from the airport.


We do not allow any tobacco products nor do we permit any hard alcohol on the farm.

We do not grow any GMO frankenfood. We strongly believe that this earth should be respected and cared for. Our goals are to provide clean food, teach and learn new ways of organic farming that lead to a healthier tomorrow for our children’s generation and their children’s as well.

“Malama Aina, Malama Keiki.” Respect the Land, Respect the Children.

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